But is the coach really that decisive?

Article translated by goog For years I have studied coaches’ careers with a mostly numbers-based approach. Until the publication of the statistical yearbook of Claudio Nassi “Tuttocalcio” occurred exactly twenty years ago, I took care of the drafting of the careers of the technicians who coached from series A to C 2 and of the […]

Manager technician or builder technician?

Article translated by goog The choice of the technician, as we have written in numerous articles, is a crucial element in the construction and economy of a team. He is the person to whom you entrust the technical project, or the one who must give substance to a series of ideas that preceded the definition […]

Match analysis helps you get to know the soul of a team

Article translated by Goog Before I started to report on the individual player, I started observing the opposing teams almost 18 years ago and, I must say that this was a good formation for me, which today supports me when I have to look for talent. Every coach I made relationships for taught me something […]

Despite a bad start, the Galaxy are aiming for the top of the MLS

Article translated by Goog Getting a point in two games at the beginning of the tournament could be worrying for a team that, with the purchase of Chicarito Hernandez, cannot hide and must aim for the top. But looking at the team department by department and looking at the players that compose it, it must […]

Change of form for Inter Miami but still zero results in Mls

Article translated by goog The change of form compared to the previous trip against Los Angeles was not enough to go home with the points. The transition from 4-2-3-1 to a very defensive 3-4-3 that actually turned more into a 5-4-1, brought a good performance until Torres was expelled in a matter of minutes from […]

MLS: Seattle do well, but Chicago Fire does not give up

Article translated by Goog First home championship game for Seattle Sounders, last year’s champions, opposed to Chicago Fire, which could be one of the surprises of this current MLS. So curious to see the team that won the final against Toronto last year, on the contrary, at the beginning, they enjoyed an excellent Chicago. The […]

Sartori knows how to choose teams and players

Translated by Goog The report card of the director of Calciomercato.com Stefano Agresti where Giovanni Sartori is credited to the manager of the Atalanta technical area by giving him a NINE and dedicating the title: “Atalanta, there are those who forget that the players choose them Sartori” deserves a deepening. We are talking about the […]