Cassano and Carrascal

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Mario Sconcerti speaking of Cassano hypothesizes a future talent scout career in an interview on April 29 saying that however “he must not run the risk of loving only himself” and a few days ago he confirmed that Cassano “has a less scholastic vision of the players than that of the others, he can glimpse something more “, even if, however,” he must avoid looking for himself in others and he is doing a little because I read that his advice concerns fantasy players “.
I appreciated Cassano’s passion for football in one of those meetings that are filling the monotonous evenings of the quarantine, when he confronted Vieri talking about players and started talking about technical characteristics with knowledge and knowledge of the facts, talking among the others by Hakimi and Arnold who are low-right outsiders, in a not too distant time called full-backs. So not just talking about playmakers in which to meet again.
Anyway, I find nothing wrong that Cassano gets excited for Carrascal, Colombian River Plate player who can occupy all the offensive roles, always playing them sumptuously, saying that he considers him a player of another category and perhaps finding himself in certain qualities of this talent .
Going into the detail of the player, the technical qualities that are considerably above average are evident, as it can be said that he has a good muscular structure divided into 180 centimeters in height, but what he has more than the others, and this is what presumably struck Cassano , is a “monstrous” football intelligence, that is, this player knows football and “feels” it, understanding the outcome of the actions and where the ball will end up, well in advance of the others. In this Cassano saw himself again, because regardless of the evidently excellent technical aspect, the good Antonio had football sensations that allowed him to understand in advance the evolution of the actions.
And Carrascal is an atypical offensive player, as he recovers several balls on the trocar not by contrast, making the purely physical aspect dominate, but by intercepting the ball, that is, being in the right place at the right time, which allows him to harpoon the kicked ball by the opponents and then play it by verticalizing and placing the best placed partner in front of the goalkeeper or, deciding to jump a couple of players in dribbling and then finish on goal.
This is the difference between Carrascal and the other technically excellent players. It has innate football sensations!
Some time ago Spalletti declared that he thanked God for having seen Totti’s play in training and borrowing this concept, a friend confirmed that seeing Antonio Cassano in training games was like the massage of the soul as exciting as his plays were in which he combined intelligence and technique, that is, he first imagined and then put the idea into practice with sublime technical gestures. This high football intelligence could allow Cassano to carve out a technical role in a team, perhaps as a scout or better, as technical director in support of a coach, in order to make himself useful by continuing to see things in advance, thanks to his intelligence innate football, to his “feeling” football.

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