It’s been eight years since started watching international football matches and watching at least a couple of games per day. If you do the maths, they are fifteen games a week, which are about sixty a month and more or less, rounding number, about seven hundred in a year. Obviously I talk about video, because a scout also spends time watching live games that are a fundamental part of his work.

Keeping this estimate by default allowed me to build an important archive, but most of all, it allowed me to develop a sensitivity in recognizing players that before 2012, when I continued to scout but with the support of video, I did not own.

The numbers I talk about it allow you to acquire excellent information after just one year and start having a good archive, but most of all, they give you the sensitivity I mentioned before that, over time, it becomes pure instinct, or the possibility of “intercepting a player of perspective” immediately after a few minutes of images. The repetition of the time of certain behaviors is metabolized by the brain and made its own: exactly what happens after having analyzed an adequate number of matches and having looked for certain characteristics established before for each role.

The large number of games viewed allows you to become more qualitative and, reflecting, two matches watched without interruption make about two hours. Not a lot, even if you have to add the time it needs to get information before the match and the one, immediately after the end of the game, which is used to collect your thoughts and write them down.

It is possible that at the beginning writing your own post-match sensations takes a lot of time, due to the lack of writing skills and collect all your thoughts in words. It will be important to choose an univocal criterion of writing, so that when – months or years later – the report being written is reviewed, the information will always have a current value and will be clearly identified to be used.

For those who love football, watching two matches per day can not represent a sacrifice and it will become a pleasant habit, also because there will be times when you will have to deliver some work and you will have to press on the accelerator, so, two games per day will not be ok.

Small tip in the margin: in carrying out an assigned job, you should take the time to see different leagues in order to avoid the risk of flattening and having always different evaluation metrics (speed of execution of the game, physicality of the players, different interpretations of the schemes of play).

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